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OWCP Injury Claim Assistance

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You Don't Have to Pay For Claims Assistance

If you file incorrectly you could lose your benefits. Let our experienced DOL-OWCP case managers help you by offering their expert claims assistance for FREE. Others may try to charge you for this service, but we don't think you should have to pay for claims assistance. Complete the form on the top right of this page or call us today for FREE claims assistance!

We're Here to Help

Going through an OWCP injury claim is stressful time and it’s important that you’re in the right hands. An OWCP case manager with experience will be able to guide you through the process when you’ve been through an injury at the workplace. When you want the best chances of having a positive resolution during this difficult time, make sure as an injured federal employee you get the help you deserve, and not just someone your agency sends you to. Here are the qualities to look for when choosing an OWCP case manager to help with your claim. 

Patient Dedication

When you’re dealing with an OWCP injury claim you want to deal with someone who is on your side when it comes to medical care, recovery, and coverage. And that’s exactly what our OWCP case managers will do. They’re completely dedicated to your situation and you’ll see that in each step they take. 

Experience with OWCP Injury Claims

You don’t want to go with someone who has never handled an OWCP injury claim. You want an OWCP case manager that understands how important it is to get all documentation in on time, as well as how to make sure the process is prompt. The OWCP claims assistant will also be informed about your coverage so that you know your best options for care are.

Communication Skills

When handling your OWCP injury claim, you want to communicate with someone who is transparent about the process and offers you straightforward information. As an injured federal employee, you’ll want your OWCP case manager to be able to explain complex jargon in the paperwork, as well as keep you informed about the proactive measures that are being taken and how they will help you in the future. 

Beyond communicating with you about the OWCP injury claim, your OWCP case manager will listen to your specific situation to help find the right path for your recovery. They want a fair resolution for you so that you don’t skip a beat in your life. An OWCP injury claim can be frustrating, and they’re here to listen to your concerns and answer any pressing questions.

Detail Focused

A good OWCP case manager goes beyond making sure the documentation is properly filled out. They focus on uncovering the relationship between the injured federal employee and the cause of the damage. They will help the DOL doctor explain in a clear way with the proper information how your injury was a result of a work related incident. It’s essential that your OWCP injury claim have every piece of information so that you aren’t overlooked or misunderstood. Let an experience OWCP doctor and/or case manager take care of those little details for you. 

If you’re an injured federal employee, then don’t wait another minute to reach out and see how we can make the process easier for you. We have in-depth knowledge and experience for handling OWCP injury claims and we have made it our passion and purpose to help injured federal employees. We know that being injured on your government job wasn’t part of your plans, but we’re here to get you and your OWCP injury claim back on track. 


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