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federal workers comp
Federal Work Comp
Learn more about the federal work comp program.
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DOL Doctors
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Claims Assistance
Get free claims assistance from DOL experts.

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Featured Federal Workers Compensation Doctors

dol injury doctor miami

dol injury doctor miami


The incredible doctors and friendly staff at PROS MIAMI provide top notch care and treatment for injured federal workers. Unlike other doctors in Miami, the medical team at PROS are experienced in dealing with federal workers compensation cases. They are DOL-OWCP experts and provide free claims assistance for their patients to help navigate through the difficult OWCP claims process. If you've been injured working for the federal government call the #1 DOL clinic in Miami today to schedule your free consultation!

Experienced in Treating DOL-OWCP Claims

dol federal work comp doctors

Find Certified DOL Doctors Near You

If you work for the federal government, getting injured on the job may be the last thing on your mind. You might even think that it will never happen to you. We certainly hope that you never get hurt on the job. Unfortunately, though, too many federal workers are injured every year and too few of them see a doctor that actually knows what he or she is doing when it comes to treating a Federal Workers Compensation injury.