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If you work for the federal government, getting injured on the job may be the last thing on your mind. You might even think that it will never happen to you. We certainly hope that you never get hurt on the job. Unfortunately, though, too many federal workers are injured every year and too few of them see a doctor that actually knows what he or she is doing when it comes to treating a Federal Workers Compensation injury.

We exist to help connect federal employees with excellent, experienced DOL doctors in the unfortunate even of an injury. The federal workers compensation doctors we work with will take your individualized needs into account, and they’ll skillfully work with the multiple people that will be involved in the process. These federal workers comp doctors will have your best interest at the forefront of their mind because they want to ensure that you get the best treatment both medically and legally.

Did your employer inform you of your right to choose your own treating doctor? Did you know that you are not obligated to see the "company doctor" for your work injury? You can choose an experienced DOL doctor who puts your needs first and works with you to get all the care and compensation benefits you deserve!

How Federal Workers Compensations Doctors Can Help

DOL Doctors have in-depth knowledge about how to get recognized by the Department of Labor and how essential it is that all paperwork is handled in a prompt and accurate way. Beyond the precise way that DOL doctors can simplify the complexities of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, they also have a complete understanding of the medical care you’ll require.

Why DOL Doctors Are Essential to Your Recovery

DOL doctors are essential to your recovery for multiple reasons. As an injured federal employee, you might be able to find someone who can help you with one aspect of your claim, but to truly have confidence in the outcome, enlisting an expert federal workers compensation doctor will give you the most positive outcome so that you can get back to work. Here are just a few ways DOL doctors will make the most of your recovery.

DOL Doctors are proactive throughout the process. When you enlist the services of federal workers comp doctors, then you’ll have someone on your side that already has the knowledge about how to handle DOL-OWPC claims while remaining focused on your particular needs. Each injured federal employee will have a unique situation, and the best DOL doctors are prepared for what comes next.

A federal workers compensation doctor can answer complex questions. Because the process of working with DOL-OWCP claims is complex, you’ll want someone who can break the process down and explain it to you in a language you can understand. DOL doctors want you to have confidence throughout this time, and they know the more information you have, the more at ease you’ll be.

The injured federal employee is top priority. When you’re an injured federal employee, it can feel like you are being shuffled along during each step of the claim, but no one is really listening or caring about your recovery. Federal workers comp doctors always make your recovery a number one priority and they continue to educate, learn, and research to ensure that you get the best medical care and representation available.

We’re Here to Help You if You’re an Injured Federal Employee

If you’re an injured federal employee don’t think that you don’t have control over who you can pick for your medical care. Our federal workers comp doctors will guide you and answer your questions through out the process. As experienced DOL doctors, they have an in-depth understanding of what you’re facing. Don’t hesitate to make that important phone call today and enlist an experienced federal workers comp doctors to handle your DOL-OWPC claim needs.