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Dealing With a Work-Related Injury Does Not Have to Be a Nightmare

Work related injuries happen every day and in all types of jobs. When something happens to you it is usually scary because you are probably not familiar with what you need to do. There are steps that you must take to assure your OWCP claims are handled promptly. Luckily for you there are DOL doctors out there who handle these cases every day and they are willing to help you with your federal work comp details.

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Injuries Happen

No matter what job you are doing, from a file clerk in an office to a mail handler with the USPS, accidents happen. Obviously the severity will differ, but all businesses know that when this happens they need to be protected. This is where the government steps in and has set up the OWCP claims procedures so that businesses and the employees all have their rights spelled out for them.

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Government Jobs and Agencies

Just like independent businesses, the government has employees that need programs if they get injured. TSA agents at the airport are protected with OWCP claims and the procedures also protect the rights of VA members when they are dealing with their issues. Your injury may be small or large, but with a federal workers comp claim, everyone has the ability to obtain treatment from a DOL doctor and also possibly qualify for wage reimbursement if they are out of work for an extended period of time.

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DOL Doctors and You

Upon the initial assessment, your doctor will guide you down the path to recovery. Depending on the injury there may be surgeries needed, treatments provided or just plain therapy. Anything that is needed and necessary they are prepared to help you with since they have experience on their side to guide you down the path. They can help take a lot of the fear out of the process.

Your injury does not have to define you. With the federal workers comp process, you are given the ability to complete any medical treatments that are necessary so that you can return to the workforce and be productive for yourself, your family and your job. These programs were put in place so that our workforce could be protected and maintain the high quality that we take pride in. With these things on your side, your nightmares will not come true and you will be able to recover physically.

What to Bring When You Visit a DOL Doctor

When you enlist a DOL doctor because you have OWCP claims, then you will be taking a positive step towards your recovery physically and financially. Doctors that are experienced in DOL and are outside of your company will have an unbiased look at your injury, so you know they are working in your best interest, and not the insurance company. When you go through federal work comp, here are a few things that you can bring when you visit a DOL doctor of your choosing.

A List of Questions with Room for Answers

As you think of questions about want to ask about OWCP claims and your recovery time, write them and leave room so that you can write answers down as needed. It will be helpful for you to look back at when you want to be reminded of what the DOL doctor said. Plus, it can help you make sure that you follow the doctor’s orders exactly, which will be important to your OWCP claim.

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Documentation of Symptoms

As you go through the injury, you can journal any symptoms that you experience from the new injury. If you work for the USPS, and you were injured lifting a heavy package, note what the experience was after you lifted. The more the doctor knows about this new injury and how it happened, the more accurately they will be able to link it to the action and that will help your claim.

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A List of Any Prescription Drugs

If you are taking prescription drugs, have a list of them ready to tell your DOL doctor. You should also let them know if you have suffered an injury on your job at places like the TSA that are the results of being prescribed the medication.

Information About Alternative Therapies

Let the federal work comp doctor know the information of other medical professionals that treat you and facilities that you get alternative therapies. While they will be focused on your current injury, this will be useful information. If you want more information on what to bring to your when you visit a DOL doctor, then begin with a free consultation.

A Friend or Family Member

Whether the injury has left you in need of assistance when traveling or you simply want support, you can bring a friend or family member. It can be helpful to have addition support at this time and to have an extra set of ears listening to the federal work comp doctor.

What Makes a DOL Doctor Different From Other Doctors?

When you have a medical situation that involved OWCP claims and other legal matters, you wonder whom to turn to when it comes to your recovery. Many people will advice that you seek the help of a DOL doctor, and one question that may come up is what the difference is between a DOL doctor, the one you usually visit, or the one the company recommends. Here we answer that question so you can decide of which one is the right fit for you and your particular situation.

They Have Experience with Federal Workers Comp

Federal work comp can get complicated and you want to make sure you have doctor on your side that understands the paperwork and how to properly describe the injury. In most cases lawyers will be reviewing the doctor’s notes and these will need to be clear when describing the injury. They will also be experienced when it comes to communicating with employers, insurance companies, and others involved in the process, and this can make the entire process run smoother.

They Put Your Needs Above the Rest

If you were injured while working a route for the USPS or have another government job, then you can rest easy knowing a DOL doctor is going to put your needs above anyone else’s. They want to see you recovery as much as you want to, and they will be with throughout the recovery and legal process. These specialized doctors have dedicated themselves to those injured working jobs in the TSA and other organizations, and they use their knowledge so patients get the best recovery possible.

They Are Proactive Throughout Your Recovery

As you go through your recovery, you will discover that DOL doctors don’t slow down the process, but make sure that you are always moving forward. Getting back to work at places like the VA is why people work so hard to recovery, and when you don’t have financial stresses and are compensated as you should be, then you can focus on healing.

They Are Easy to Communicate with and Easy to Reach

The best DOL doctors are easy to reach and quick to respond to patients and those that have questions. They are committed to you, and are ready to start with a complimentary consultation so that you can learn more about how they can make the process go smoothly.

4 Reasons You Should Involve a DOL Doctor After an Injury

No one is prepared to go through an injury at work, and after it happens, you may not know what steps to take next. While your company may send you to a doctor hired by them, you should actually know that you can make the decision for your medical or dental care. A DOL doctor will be a great choice when you want someone that is putting your needs first, and not the company you work for. Here are more reasons why you should involve a DOL doctor of your choosing after going through an injury.

#1: You’ll Receive Exceptional Medical Care

The medical care you receive during this time will be essential to how quickly and completely you recover. When you choose your own doctor, you can learn more about the care they provide their patients and what experience they have with specific injuries that are like yours.

#2: You’ll Gain a Better Understanding of Paperwork

The paperwork that goes with federal work comp can be difficult to understand if you’ve never been in this situation before, you can rest easy because a DOL doctor has experience with linking and identifying injuries, and accurately and clearly documenting this for your case. They know that OWCP claims are handles with precision, and the doctor will have experience communicating with everyone involved.

#3: You’ll Have an Expert to Answer Your Questions

Whether you are were injured while working for the TSA or at another federal job, having someone that is quick to respond and will use clarity when explaining the complex nature of the documentation and processes will help keep you informed and confident throughout each step. You can ask about your recovery and when you can expect to return to your federal job at places like the USPS.

#4: You’ll Be Able to Focus on Getting Better

Whether you work for the VA and are ready to get back to helping veterans with neuropathy pain relief or you want to get back to your postal route, you’ll be able to focus on the recovery when you have a DOL doctor by your side. They’ll handle the documentations and many of the communications so that you can make improvements and heal your body. Start with a free consultation to find out more and then you can get the care you need to get the recovery and compensation you deserve.

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